2nd Annual Buddy Classic by “Loan Pronto”


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The 2nd Annual Buddy Classic, which benefitted Best Buddies North Carolina, was held at Carolina Lakes Golf Club on June 26, 2021 by Loan Pronto. The tournament featured games, prizes, raffles, food and lots of fun. There were 120 participants, approximately 200 people, and 18-hole sponsors. Loan Pronto raised $10,000 to support Best Buddies North Carolina with the help of the community

We are grateful to all the sponsors of the 2nd Annual Buddy Classic: American Home Title and Advantage Title, Beacon Partners Blanq Real Estate Blanq Real Estate Cornerstone, Fidelity Investments mortgage loans Depot, Mode NewRez, Pepsi QC Kinetix The Cap Team, United Lemon Sales UWM and Vaco.

What was the secret to this Partnership?

Loan Pronto is committed to giving back to the community. Roger Moore, the President and Founder at Loan Pronto, had always had the vision of giving back the community when he founded the company. Jason McNally, Operations Manager at Loan Pronto, stated that loan officer assistant salary Pronto was committed to “donating somewhere local”.

Roger was able to establish a lasting relationship with David Medlock. Through David, Roger met Tammy Medlock who is the State Director of Best Buddies North Carolina. The organization holds a special place for her as a mother of a son with an intellectual-developmental disability (IDD). This connection inspired Loan Pronto to partner with Best Buddies.

Loan Pronto hosted the 1st Annual Buddy Classic in 2019, a tournament that raised funds for Best Buddies North Carolina. Loan Pronto raised awareness about Best Buddies and was able donate more than $6,000 to the nonprofit.

Loan Pronto: Executive/Sales Assistant

You will serve as the President’s primary point of contact for borrowers and their specific loan refinancing officer (the President) by being an Executive/Sales Associate (LOA).

We are looking for an energetic and talented Executive/Sales Assistant (LOA), who can wear many hats and play a vital role in the growth of Pronto Brands!

Loan Pronto, a startup finance company that is rapidly growing and exciting in the country, is one of them.

Highly organized with strong time management skills. Able to move from strategy to execution in a split second. Enjoys a fast-paced environment. Excels in a collaborative environment.

We have achieved the highest ranking broker in the country by combining technology and bold, innovative advertising.

This is an exceptional opportunity to support the President personally and professionally.

Education/Experience:Must have a Bachelor’s degreeWorld-class customer service and sales skills

We believe that by attracting exceptional talent we can create a culture that encourages individuality and builds a team that can achieve great things together.

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