Ten Most Common Cryptocurrency Myths Uncovered


While cryptocurrencies aren’t new to the market, some people still find them a bit mysterious. It is easy to learn about cryptocurrencies and how to use them. Once you have the basics down, it will be very simple. You can find a lot of information on this topic at specialized websites like bitcointrader2. Do not be afraid to try new things. You will soon discover how useful and useful they are if you learn more about them. Here are ten popularly debunked myths that will help you get clearer.

1. Replacing real money

It is difficult to replace paper money, which has been with us for a long period of time. While credit cards are increasingly popular, there are still many who prefer cash. It is easier to have money in your hand because you know how much you can spend. This means that cryptocurrencies will never be popular enough to replace paper money.

2. There are no taxes

Although many people believe that this money is exempt from taxes because you don’t need to go to the bank to pay them, it is incorrect. There are taxes for cryptocurrency transactions just like any other payment. While there are countries that do not have taxes, many others do. Taxes are different in some states depending on whether you are selling or buying. However, it is difficult to avoid taxes.

3. It’s easy to hack

Although it is difficult to trust online information, there are no worries. Trading platforms are secure enough that you don’t need to share your personal information with anyone. It is easy to hack these platforms, just like hacking a bank. You can be sure your money is safe if you do your research and only choose the most reliable.

4. Illegal

Many people aren’t sure if this currency is legal, as it is still a new currency. Although many countries don’t use it yet, it is likely to change as this method of payment becomes more and more popular around the world. It doesn’t necessarily mean that every method of payment is illegal, but criminals can use them all. This method is likely to become as popular as the others in the future.

5. Made for criminals

Some still believe this was a special thing made for criminals. This is normal, as new things are difficult to accept. This is also true for credit cards. Many people still aren’t sure what they do. While digital transactions are easy to use and criminals often use them, that doesn’t make them any less criminal.

6. Not eco-friendly

This myth refers only to the energy required for trading or mining, but many people don’t use electricity for anything other than that. Today, it is common to use a computer. Cryptocurrencies aren’t making this usage more widespread. However, it takes a lot of energy and money to create paper money, but people still use it. The job of keeping money safe requires a lot more power and is a very demanding one.

7. There is no real value

It’s difficult to believe in the worth of money until you have it in your hands. This myth is perhaps the most significant when it comes to digital currencies. The same applies to credit cards and the money they hold. While cash is preferred by many people, it doesn’t affect the value of digital currency. You can also use them the same way.

8. It is anonymous

This type of transaction uses pseudonyms. However, there is a wallet address and each transaction uses it. It is partially anonymous but it is easy to identify the pseudonym holder. This is critical for criminal acts, but it is not necessary if you are clean. It is easy to locate illegal transactions in the digital age.

9. Cloud-like database

Blockchain cannot store transactions. Its only purpose is to ensure that transactions are transparent and safe. Your activities are private and you have full access. There is no way to be concerned about other people seeing them. Blockchain is secure because it’s a ledger that has records and not a cloud. It is a code of actions, but not a transaction.

10. Can be shut down

Many people fear that cryptocurrency will be shut down. There is no evidence that this will occur in the near future. Let’s compare it to closing all banks worldwide if you still aren’t sure. It looks quite impossible, right? It is not possible to imagine that this possibility exists, as everything points out that we will continue using this method for many years.

Each new thing requires re-examination as it is not human nature to simply accept what they don’t know. Many myths have been created and it can be difficult to disprove them. It is possible to face the unknown. The new doesn’t always have to be better. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t good at all. It is up to us to try it out and decide if we like it. Even if it isn’t right for you, that doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else.